The journey to analyzing everything!

Welcome to my webpage about becoming a digital analyst. 

Growing up in a family of computer-enthusiasts I developed an interest for anything computer related early. Inspired by my brother coding HTML in the early 2000s I used to copy code for my presentation on the then popular website “Pop-Emma” and write it down on a piece of paper to remember – there are after all so many weird characters and words in it. Nowadays I have learnt to use the notepad and things are looking up for me.

When I found the education for Digital Analytics it seemed like the perfect match for me as it combines logic, computers and human behavior – all things I find rather interesting.

My Skills


Project - Dashboard

As a project at my first internship I had the task to create a dashboard containing an overview of how everything is going at large but also a more granular view of how the different campaigns are doing .

As I wanted to work in Google Data Studio I first started out with checking what data I was able to actually get into Data Studio, but I soon realised this was the wrong approach. Instead I asked myself and my supervisors what data would be most useful in the dashboard and started to build a template for what it could look like if we had all of it.

To create some sort of easy-to-follow pattern I made three columns, one for the email campaigns, one for the website and one for social media. At the top I made an extra column for the different sources of revenue as the top row needed to contain the most critical information.

As I started filling the dashboard with data I found that for some of it I needed to use connectors, and for Facebook Ads and Active Campaign those connectors came with a subscription. Sure, there were some ways to get around it, but it mostly involved a lot of extra work and didn’t seem to yield the same results as an actual connector would. After searching the web for hours trying to find as much information about this as I could I found three connectors that seemed good enough.

The first one (that popped up at the top of every search result and you most likely have heard of) was Supermetrics, the second was Power My Analytics and the third Find My Insight. As the company I had my internship at was rather small Supermetrics and Power My Analytics just seemed too expensive. The deciding factor, however, was that none of them provided a connector for Active Campaign – which Find My Insight did and at an affordable price.

As used the connectors I noticed they didn’t always provide the data in a simple an easy to read manner. Especially the data from Active Campaign as it was divided into several different resources and the names didn’t always explain what the numbers were. For example they had sDate, lDate and cDate. Luckily some of it was explained in more detail if you clicked to edit the resource and looked through the existing fields where you could also rename them.
There was still the issue with the resources and my solution was simply to go through them manually to see what they contained and document on the side if I thought they had anything of value.  




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